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Vulnerability Assessment using AI and Cloud CyberSecurity suite.
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Independently assess the security of your websites, cloud resources and applications. Our customers »

Protect data

Reduce IT risk - Protect data, assets & services.

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Cloud Scanner

Fast scanning time and results displayed in real time in dashboard.

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Vulnerability detection

Detection of vulnerabilities and security weaknesses

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Security testing made easy

Reduce security risks, Compliance assurance, Detect and report vulnerabilities.

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Security is our priority

Our cybersecurity platform prevents and detects both application vulnerabilities and cloud security threats.

We Protect What You Value

No one is going to hack your network, your data, or your cloud if you do the right things. We help you do that with proper security measures.

Cybersecurity Simplified

We help you scan your assets, find vulnerabilities and fix them. We let you know how vulnerable you are so you can do something about it.

Are you at risk?

Cyber threats are evolving faster than most organizations can keep up. Vulnerability assessment helps identify security gaps quickly and prioritize them for remediation. Audit your network and all cloud-based assets to discover and fix weaknesses, including web application.


We have already saved our organization from a cyber attack by using the SecurityInfinity platform. A hacker had gained unauthorized access to our server in the past.

James LopesIT Head

Our team is using this service to keep track on weekly basis of what our IT security looks like. It's a great tool for anyone looking to protect their servers.

Steve SmithApplication Security Engineer

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